Safer, friendlier reporting channels

1. Support employees better with friendlier ways to report instances of non-inclusive behaviour.

2. Empower HR, Risk and Boards with analytics on behavioural themes & trends to get ahead of any problems before they escalate.

3. Prevent harassment in-line with emerging legislation & regulation - Demo InChorus now

Why work with a SpeakUp platform?

Crank up trust & safety

Support your employees where & when they need it with easy to access tools in their workflow: integrated into slack and MS teams.

Zero-in on the real issues

Zero in on the precise initiatives that will drive a happier workforce by understanding the micro-behaviours & the lived experience.

Fewer grievances!

Don't be in the dark, get ahead of any nasty surprises, and weed out bad actors that slip through the cracks of old fashioned reporting.

Bake in initiatives

With our platform lean into solutions too. Use our range of custom plug-ins: pulse surveys, recognition programs, L&D nudges, signposting & wellbeing hubs.

Work with the pros

Your dedicated account manager has eased hundreds of major organisations - & their idiosyncrasies - through the transition to better speakup processes

Psychological safety for all!

No more faffing with clunky surveys and listening exercises - embed, always-on tools to make psychological safety a core part of your culture

Watch a short demo video about our award winning products

Organisations like yours love InChorus

“InChorus has provided us with a mechanism to truly understand the micro behaviours that build up on a macro level to create our culture.”

Global Head of DEI at Wise

“InChorus' aggregated data allows MSMG to implement relevant training, make policy changes and steer the focus on specific areas of Diversity and Inclusion.”

Head of Inclusion and Engagement

at MoneySuper Market Group

"Using data that we gather from anonymous feedback, we can make informed and transparent decisions about which areas require more work. Through this process we have strengthened the organization by valuing the voices of those who work within it."

Chief Culture Officer

at Native Instruments

“Working with InChorus has been fantastic. They took the time to understand us as an organisation and struck a perfect balance of being led by our needs whilst also advising us...they gave us so much support during the launch"

Head of People Strategy and

Systems at Sue Ryder

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